Tell me about your company’s target market — Who are they? What do they do? Where are they located? When would they use your product/service? How would they use your product/service? Are your customers different online than in-person? Can you answer these questions in detail? Imagine having to call a new phone number and not […]

Google AdWords is a Game…Are you ready to play?

07.07.2011 Tips

General Game Requirements: Character Creation: Begin any game, whether it’s a video/computer or board game and you pick a character who will represent you throughout the journey of the game, in other words, you pick YOU (just different looking). Character Power: Each hero usually has a special power or skill they can use, and depending […]

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Why Small Businesses Need Google’s +1 button

06.01.2011 Tips

What is the Google +1 button? Perhaps you’ve seen the icon when doing a search. The +1 button is similar to the “Like” button from Facebook, and in some regards is Google’s answer to the “Like” button. Why do you need this? Because you need to remain relevant online in order to make it […]

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Analyzing AdWords Return on Investment (ROI)

05.11.2011 Tips
adwords analysis tress

As a small business owner you’re savvy enough to know you need an online presence but with limited cash, your business cannot afford high risks and low returns; how can you be sure your online investment is paying off? Unfortunately, customers won’t say “We found you through Google AdWords!” which would make everything easier because […]

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Do It Yourself or Hire AdWords Professional?

04.21.2011 Benefits
door-to-door ads are over

As a resident of San Francisco, I often come home to find pamphlets from the local businesses offering services like yard cleaning and restaurants offering discounts on lunch specials. Basically, the “old school” way of marketing, door-to-door advertising. The problem with this approach is that I am not interested or needing this information at the […]

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AdWords Battle: San Francisco Auto Repair Shop vs. Honda

03.28.2011 Landing Page
Thumbnail image for AdWords Battle: San Francisco Auto Repair Shop vs. Honda

Competing with the big conglomerates today is now possible thanks to Google AdWords. AdWords allows small to mid-sized business to advertise next to their competitors. For example, the other day I was looking for “auto repair san francisco” and came up with these search results from Google: Google Places: “auto repair san francisco” “The Garage […]

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Mixing Google AdWords and

03.21.2011 Zazzle

Over the 2010 holidays I conducted a Google AdWords and experiment to test whether or not AdWords could help increase sales for Zazzle store owners and referrals for affiliate marketers. Specifically, I was an affiliate marketer selling Zazzle products and relying on the 15% Zazzle Referral Fee and the Volume Bonus to help me […]

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Google Display Network Defined in One Sentence.

03.20.2011 Display Advertising
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The Google Display Network allows your small business to advertise images and videos on websites of your choosing.

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Google Insights

03.20.2011 Keyword Research
Thumbnail image for Google Insights

As a small business owner you never have enough money and time. To help you increase your cash flow and decrease the amount of time you spend researching keywords; I’d like to introduce you to a new tool for your online advertising utility belt. Google Insights for Search, is a research tool dedicated to providing […]

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