In order to learn and become Google AdWords Certified, you must understand how online advertising works from the bottom up. I’ve provided the resources I used to help me build this website and teach me search engine marketing/optimization best practices.

Domain Name:

You’re going to be competing with other advertisers, so the first step is to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your domain plays a significant factor in search engine rankings, so choose wisely!

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Web Hosting is Needed:

Now that you have your domain (URL), you will need a hosting service. Usually, when you buy your domain (URL) you will be offered a hosting plan. Make sure you get email access as having an email address associated with your new domain (URL) is one of the best ways to advertise yourself as legit.

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Build Your Website:

This website is built using WordPress. WordPress is a FANTASTIC open-source software that allows you to create and customize blogs & websites. They offer 2 versions: & Now that you have your domain (URL) and hosting setup, choose

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The template I am using is called Thesis for WordPress. Its fantastic as it strips all the clutter out of a normal WordPress layout template thus giving you the best chance of being found in search!

Get it!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Your website needs to be found by searchers looking for you. Using the template from above, start teaching yourself the Best Practices of SEO using SEOmoz below. They have an awesome blog full of questions/answers/advice on “what is SEO?” and more advanced topics such as “SEO vs SEM”. I have a paid subscription and one of the most useful features I’ve found is if I have a question, I can post it to a forum and it will be answered by an “SEO Expert”. SEOmoz is perfect for the newbie!

Google AdWords:

The reason why you’re here! These 2 books were very beneficial in helping me understand the fundamentals of search engine marketing, more specifically Google AdWords. I would use AdWords and have the book right next to me, going through the examples they provided. Best Practices, how to write ad copy and bidding are covered in depth and more advanced topics are explained clearly! The best part about these books is each gives you DIRECTION and GUIDANCE as you start to learn the complexity of Google AdWords.

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My biggest blog post to date was about Zazzle and Google AdWords. Can selling iPhone & iPad cases be profitable using Google AdWords? One thing Zazzle taught me was how to setup an e-commerce and write marketable ad copy. Fantastic experience for a new advertising who may not have anything to advertise!

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